Figures: Horned Screamer Gives Directions

Anhima cornuta drawing wing outstretched

Image credit: Naranjo 1986.

“Yes, officer — they headed that way.  I hope you catch those capybaras. . .  they looked shifty as f**k.”


About This Image

This figure comes from a behavioral study of Horned Screamers (Anhima cornuta) and shows a lateral one-wing stretch, a type of comfort behavior exhibited by animals loafing around, preening and relaxing.  The odd, thumb-like projection is probably one of the bony metacarpal spurs typical of screamers.  The drawings were made from tracings of 35 mm photographs taken in the field.

These birds do indeed share habitat with giant semi-aquatic rodents, the capybaras.

Learn more about Horned Screamers in a previous post here.

Image Source

Naranjo, Luis G.  1986.  “Aspects of the Biology of the Horned Screamer in Southwestern Colombia.”  The Wilson Bulletin 98 (2):  243 – 256.


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